Jenna Felder Events

Ricci & Stephen

One of the best parts about being an event planner is truly helping someone fulfill a vision they didn’t know they had to begin with.

When I met Ricci and Stephen in December of 2009, they had about 6 months until their wedding and no real idea where to begin. Over the years, Ricci has been more occupied with her future in molecular medicine (she is currently working on her PhD) as opposed to the color palette of her wedding day. And Stephen is a guy’s guy….a high school history teacher with a passion for Johnny Cash and firearms. He wasn’t so concerned about the flowers and the colors as he was with just wanting to be married to Ricci and see her happy.

We met about once a month and did a lot of work electronically, but it was fun to see Ricci’s vision take shape pretty quickly. Words like organic and leafy and natural and light soon turned into a color palette of lilac, white, sage green, and gray. Turns out, Ricci and Stephen are fans of thunderstorms, and the shades of the day fulfilled that vision quite unexpectedly, but also very happily.

The garden-like atmosphere was accentuated by a ceremony backdrop of tress at varying levels and 2 large urns filled with a multitude of flowers including hydrangea, orchids, and leafy style greenery. The buffet was amazing, compliments of Metrochefs, and the cake was beautiful and tasty thanks to A Better Cheesecake.

But more importantly was the special family atmosphere throughout the weekend. The ceremony was led by a family member, the toast by the groom’s brother-in-law, and friends traveled from near and far to see Ricci and Stephen and their families.

As the weekend came to an end, though, it was obvious that a vision had been fulfilled. Ricci’s vision of her organic garden party looked amazing. But it felt even better because of the vision they both had of a weekend of family and friends celebrating their love and their future together.

I am so happy I could be part of the discovery process for Ricci and Stephen and help them fulfill the wedding day vision they may not have even realized they had.

P.S. A big shout out to the Bullock Family from Camden, South Carolina, and Dr. Joyce Haines and Dr. Earl Whitlock. They are truly class acts and made me feel like part of the family. Thank you!